Consulting and Training

Hybitel Training and consulting institute is a training institute that prides itself ondeveloping skills and learning, to stimulate relevant productivity in different organizations, so it maintains a competitive edge in this competitive global market and ensures optimal performance in staff.

What we do?

  • – Training of staffs and groups
  • – Training of Government Officials
  • – Cooperate Bodies and Private organizations

Why we do what we do

The importance of high-quality training, which we provide is crucial because it


Improve the individual’s and staff's level of awareness


Increase an individual and staff skill in one or more areas of expertise


Increase an individual’s and staff's motivation to perform their job well


Increase overall productivity and performance.

What we have done in the past

  • – Budget retreat involving, honourable members of the Lagos state House of Assembly
  • – Capacity building of the staff of different constituencies within Lagos state
  • – We’ve worked with the collaboration of the Lagos state government and the Botswana government on ranching systems and agriculture, held in Botswana
  • – Capacity building of staff of the Lagos state house of Assembly

Training of the staff of Lagos State House of Assembly

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